They Said...

  • “When we've spoken to people about our wedding weekend, it wasn't just the location, the ambience and the weather; it was MGR’s particular attention to details, ensuring the events ran smoothly, the food, the decor, and the general relaxed attitude and sense of happiness amongst all MGR contributed to making the events relaxing and yet excellently run - nothing seemed to be too much trouble. 

    The wedding weekend certainly wouldn't have been as magical and stress-free without MGR. We cannot stress how many guests complimented us on how well planned and executed the entire weekend was!"

    Anjali & Satej

    30 June - 3 July 2017

    Sofitel L'Imperial Resort & Spa

  • "Turning a vision into an action - MGR did its best (& succeeded) in producing a memorable and personalised week of wedding events. Staff were timely, listened and reacted, creative and patient. we, as well as our guests, were extremely pleased with the output at all events."

    Pujja & Ajay

    23, 25-27 November 2015

    Sugar Beach & La Pirogue

  • "Planning a wedding abroad would never be an easy task yet MGR made this process so much easier. We did not have to worry at all during any of the wedding functions as we knew MGR would take care of everything. MGR brought so many wows to our wedding and all of our guests commented on the number of surprises we had!"

    Alpa & Sati

    6-7 November 2015

    Sugar Beach Resort & Spa

  • "Nous voulons encore une fois te remercier pour ce mariage que tu as rendu possible. Honnêtement, nous n'aurions pas espéré mieux et les retours de tous les invités ont été très chaleureux. L'organisation à distance n'était pas la plus facile mais heureusement que nous t'avions à nos côtés pour gérer ! Professionnalisme, conseils et surtout gentillesse, tu es super :) Merci pour tous ces bons moments et ceux passés à échanger avec toi pendant la préparation"

    Graziella & Jean-Philippe

    21 October 2015

    Chateau de Bel Ombre

  • "Everything ran so smoothly and with such ease. Knowing that you were there to take care of last minute details gave us peace of mind. Because of your help, our parents were able to enjoy our celebrations knowing that everything was being taken care of by you. Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding the happiest days of our lives. We are so happy we met you and will always count you as one of our friends.

    Again, thank you. Our wedding would not have been the same experience without the Marry Go Round team! Lots of people have been asking us about weddings in Mauritius and the first thing we tell them is to get MGR services, we have been recommending you to everyone!"

    Aarshi & Neel

    28-30 April 2015

    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

  • "MGR went beyond their duty in fulfilling our wishes, staying in constant touch with us about every small and single detail. MGR was constantly available to us, night or day, email or calls! For everything that you did we would like to say thank YOU!!! MGR, you were indispensable during the entire wedding planning process and especially behind the scenes at our wedding. Thank you for being there whenever required and especially for your patience You guys will always be our friends and we keep you in our hearts for being such valuable people on our most special weekend :)"

    Raisha & Varun

    12-14 July 2013

    Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort

  • "The day-to-day running of the event was a complete breeze and I genuinely did not feel as though I was required to oversee or supervise anything at all which made the getting married process a lot less stressful especially for the perfectionist that I am. I never thought I would be able to relinquish total control and be confident that things would turn out exactly how I wanted them. Our wedding would not have been possible without your services and we will be eternally grateful to you for everything that you have done for us."

    Shreya & Kunal

    17-19 July 2013

    Lux* Grand Gaube 

  • "MGR was extremely efficient and always delivered on the tasks that we discussed. We felt confident after only a few discussions that Vedna and MGR would deliver on its promise which they did. MGR was extremely professional and knowledgeable across the board on every aspect of the wedding and process.  Most importantly MGR made us feel comfortable and gave us reassurance, this is extremely important when you are planning a wedding and not in the same country. It gave us peace of mind. I think it would be fair to say we would have been lost without MGR and it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve the wedding day that we had. What more can you ask of a wedding planner!"

    Claudia & Ian 

    17 August 2012

    Trou aux Biches Golf Resort & Spa

  • "Let us be very simple: 

    MGR’s help was inestimable

    MGR’s patience was without boundaries

    MGR’s advice was always constructive 

    MGR’s skills were more than professional

    We did an excellent choice of having you as our wedding planner. Life is full of surprises and you are our personal wedding present!"

    Martine & Jean Luc

    7 July 2012

    Les Ruines de Balaclava, Maritim Resort & Spa

  • "MGR did a great job in helping us find excellent vendors and at good prices, as well as seeking a second venue in a short delay.  MGR was excellent in every area of their involvement and went above and beyond the call of duty."

    Aniel & Matt

    26 May 2012

    Maritim Resort & Spa