“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paul Coelho’s inspirational quote was the storyline of this couple’s love story. 

And for their wedding, mathematics and the stars conspired together. 17 (1+7) years together and their respective ages summed up, 1 daughter aged 7 (1+7 ) and a beautiful 8 emerged. Or infinity!

This magical number was the thread running through the warp of this gorgeous wedding. From the invitation card (with a cute twist: 8 being a lucky number in Asian cultures, loto tickets replaced the traditional gift requests!) ….to the bar, the cake, cocktail napkins, candle stands, gobos on dinner tables, to even Martine’s jewellery, infinity elegantly branded itself into the guests’ memories.

An emotional church ceremony led into an out-of-the-ordinary fun-filled cocktail in Chateau Mon Desir. Totally in synch with the crazy side of a couple living in the events world! A henna artist, a tarot card reader (looking into your stars!), two culturally different bands - Indian fusion and jazz- harmoniously entwining their melodies- to a never-seen-in-a-wedding massage corner!  An infinity colourfully etched out in rangoli symbolised the ‘brassage de culture’ so lovingly favoured by the couple.

Guests them moved on to the ‘Ruins’ to discover a breathtaking decor under a crystal marquee. Tall flower arrangements dripping with crystals and matching the specially made chandeliers, napkins encircled in sailor knots (?!), tablecloths dappered with ?, and the artful ‘jeux de lumbers’ immersed the guests in an ethereal ambiance. 

The Grande Finale was a 3d mapping on the ruins with Veronique Zuel’s ‘magistrale’ performance  and jaw-dropping fireworks.

And Martine and Jean Luc had this to say about Marry-Go-Round:

“I took my time to write these few words to make them come out right : It is very difficult to express pure satisfaction in some words... and emotions cannot be described by words either written or spoken.

Let me be very simple :

MGR help was inestimable.
MGR patience was without boundaries.
MGR advices were always constructive.
MGR organizational skills were more than professional.

We did an excellent choice : having you as wedding planner.

We will recommend your services in the future, not only because we were more than satisfied by your services, but because, in the process of organizing our wedding, you have become our friends...Life is full of surprises and you are our personal wedding present :-)”

Martine & Jean Luc
Martine & Jean Luc
Martine & Jean Luc
Martine & Jean Luc
Martine & Jean Luc

Technicals & Decor: Impact Production Ltd

Florals: Onirik Designs

Photos: Simon Fuller & Clyde Koa Wing